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What do the Canadian media say about sitting?

World Health Organization to Draft Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity
1st Feb 2018

Do Standing Desks Really Help You Lose Weight?
1st Feb 2018

Why sitting down too much could be bad for your heart
29th Jan 2018

Jamie Oliver: Stand at Your Desks Now, Class, and Fight Obesity
7th Jan 2018

Doctors should conduct appointments standing up
12th Oct 2017

How to stop sitting yourself to death
30th Sep 2017

Exercise May Reduce Metabolic Syndrome Risk in Workers Who Sit All Day
4th Aug 2017

Sitting at Work Contributing to Chronic Health Problems, Researchers Report
27th Jul 2017

Study looks at little-known effects of musculoskeletal issues on other diseases
19th Jul 2017

Can sitting cancel out the benefits of exercise?
22nd Jun 2017